Pulse Seismic Inc. is a market leader in the acquisition, marketing and licensing of 2D and 3D seismic data to the western Canadian energy sector. Pulse owns the second largest licensable seismic data library in Canada. Our library covers key areas in Alberta, Northeast British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and includes portions of the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Manitoba and Montana. The high-quality data in our library sets us apart in the seismic licensing industry.


We are a Market Leader in the licensing of 2D and 3D seismic data for the energy sector

The data library offers oil and natural gas producers approximately 65,310 net square kilometers of 3D data and 829,207 net kilometers of 2D data. Pulse is continually expanding its data library by purchasing data from various sources, such as seismic acquisition companies and exploration companies, and by adding new data acquired through participation surveys.


Attracting and Retaining the Best

Our people are the very core of Pulse’s success. Their professionalism and industry knowledge are the reasons Pulse has a long standing reputation for leadership and integrity within the seismic data industry. We are in a fast paced industry that rewards those who have the skills, inclination and dedication to quickly adapt and meet the challenges of driving Pulse’s business forward. Our high performance team of less than twenty five employees are enthusiastic, passionate and energetic. We are strongly committed to working together in a respectful manner and to maintaining high ethical standards.


Pulse is publicly traded on the TSX under the symbol PSD.