Pulse provides the highest-quality seismic library covering the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Our data library is the second-largest that’s freely available in the industry and our data quality, customer service and shooting efficiency are second to none. The majority of our data sets encompass the full range of prospective geological zones, unlike some data sets that focus on particular targets at specific depths. Better still, our team approach to the data licensing business allows us to provide you with quality inspections in less than 24 hours.

The majority of Pulse’s 2D data sets were purchased from two major international energy companies. Both are known for collecting exceptional-quality “high-fold” data by gathering seismic from the entire portion of the geological column that’s considered prospective for hydrocarbons. Depending on the geographical region, this could range from 250 metres to 5,000 metres geological depth. Other large historical explorers collected data only from specific zones of interest at various depths, depending on the operating area. This difference gives Pulse’s data library its edge in quality.

Pulse’s seismic data library offers customers four key advantages:



Pulse’s seismic data library encompasses approximately 829,207 net kilometers of 2D data and 65,310 net square kilometers of 3D data. Our data sets cover all major producing regions in western Canada, with a focus on high-impact exploration areas in the Alberta Deep Basin, northeast B.C. and along the U.S. Rockies.



We’re in the business of selling seismic data – so all of our seismic data is available all of the time. We deliver it to you with exceptionally fast turnaround times. Accessing proprietary data from an E&P company or through a broker can easily take four to six weeks. With Pulse, every data set within our seismic library is normally available for a quality inspection and delivery within 24 hours.



Purchasing data from Pulse’s seismic data library is a fraction of the cost of shooting your own – whether 2D or 3D. The price of our data sets is determined by its location, its vintage, the data quality, its fold (high or low) and the original acquisition costs. Pulse remains price-competitive with other seismic data providers.



2D Seismic Data Sets – Pulse provides the highest-quality 2D seismic data in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Our data sets cover the full range of prospective geological zones, allowing you to examine a wide range of targets or prospective zones at varying depth. 3D Seismic Data Sets – Pulse shoots and acquires multi-zone 3D. Our 3D data is well-suited for shallow through deep exploration.