Pulse believes in environmental sustainability, and is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and encourages the cooperation of all its employees, contractors and vendors in meeting this commitment. Experienced project managers scout new seismic programs to develop a detailed evaluation of landscapes, ecosystems and ground conditions which helps towards developing an operational plan that minimizes the environmental impact on the local habitat.

Pre-job meetings are held with government officials from local forestry offices to ensure that all potential environmental issues or concerns are properly addressed. LIS (Low Impact Seismic) equipment and techniques are utilized on all Pulse programs and when operations are complete, Pulse ensures that proper reclamation processes and inspections are completed, leaving our areas of operation with very little disturbance.


Low Impact Seismic

Industry best practices and new technology have significantly reduced the environmental impact from seismic operations. A few examples of Low Impact Seismic include:

  • Wireless geophones, a very recent technology, eliminate cables through forests, rivers and across roads
  • Smaller mulching machines that can meander through forests and avoid large trees
  • Use of wood chips for erosion control, protection of the soil and retention of moisture
  • Reduction of debris left in forests
  • Advances in re-forestation and reclamation