Neal Coleman

President and Chief Executive Officer

Neal Coleman began his career with Pulse Seismic Inc. in 2004. He became Pulse's President and CEO in November 2012, after serving four years as the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. Neal’s focus has been to create value for shareholders by enhancing Pulse’s ability to generate sales, growing the seismic data library in a capital-efficient way and carefully managing the Company’s costs in a volatile market. Prior to becoming President and CEO, Neal’s leadership of the sales and marketing team drove steady growth in Pulse’s market share, a more than 100 percent increase in Pulse’s seismic data library, and over $300 million in data library sales. He also directed a significant re-branding initiative.

Neal has over two decades of experience in the areas of business development, strategic planning, negotiation, leadership, public company management and investor relations. He has worked in the energy industry since 2001 and has an exceptional ability to identify customer needs and translate them into revenue opportunities. Neal earned a Bachelor of Applied Business & Entrepreneurship degree from Mount Royal University in Calgary in 1999 and a Petroleum Engineering Applications Certificate from SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary in 2004.


Pamela Wicks, CPA, CMA, ICD.D

Chief Financial Officer

Pamela Wicks joined Pulse Seismic Inc. in 2002 as Controller, was promoted in 2007 to Vice President of Finance, and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in March 2010. In her succession of roles at Pulse, Pamela has gained hands-on expertise in a wide variety of accounting, financial and governance issues, including audit, compensation, investor relations, banking and credit facilities, and asset acquisitions and dispositions. Combined with her careful management of costs, this has enabled her to participate in creating value for Pulse’s shareholders.

Pamela was the finance lead for a significant asset purchase in 2010 that doubled Pulse’s 3D seismic data library and led to a substantial increase in market capitalization and enterprise value. Prior to beginning her career in the seismic industry in Calgary in 1998, Pamela held accounting positions in the Canadian East Coast offshore oil and gas industry. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting and Finance from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1987, her CMA designation in 2001 and her ICD.D designation in 2015. In addition to her management role at Pulse, Pamela serves on the board of directors of a number of non-profit organizations.


Trevor Meier

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Trevor Meier began his career with Pulse Seismic Inc. in 2006 as a Sales and Marketing Representative, was promoted in 2012 to Manager, Sales and Marketing, and in June 2013 became Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Trevor leads Pulse’s sales, marketing and operations initiatives. His focus is on building strong customer relationships based on honesty and transparency, and finding creative solutions in the acquisition and use of seismic data that help the customer realize their energy development goals while driving revenue for Pulse. Trevor continually seeks opportunities to grow Pulse’s seismic library through participation with customers and evaluating opportunities to acquire trade seismic that is likely to generate future revenue, while safeguarding the integrity of Pulse’s dataset to protect corporate value.

Trevor has over two decades of experience in sales, marketing and management. Prior to joining Pulse, Trevor was employed by Johnson & Johnson and over the preceding decade held various positions in the finance, telecommunications, and medical industries across western Canada. Trevor earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1995.